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. >>> and why does this question religion and how much people willing to pay? . >>> early voting is leading to a problem. some people vote early because they will be out of town and some vote because they are afraid they will not be able to vote at all but some don't match on file. >> they don't match perfectly but we have to be able to say, yes that is the same person. >> the biggest discrepancy, they are between 2039 years old and a half the ballots are cast by that age group. one theory is they don't pay attention to how they sign their names because they are more used to passwords. >>> they have big bragging rights at the half-moon pumpkin weigh off... [crowd noise] >> he won more than $10,000 for growing this thousand pumpkin. it will be on display this weekend. >>> 454 is the time, let's check back in with sal, i know there is a lot of traffic, sal? >>> that is how it goes, highway 2 or highway 1, good morning everybody, not much going on, there is an accident and a big-rig right near the exit point and you may see slowed traffic in this area and you will definitely see chp. moving al
and religion put to the test. what was once the majority in america appears to be no longer. join us for these storeys and more at seven on tv36. >> another live look right now inside city hall. public comment is underway at this moment as residents voice their support and opposition. the suspended sheriff will hand later tonight if he will be out of a job. >>> . (car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. . >>> it's official. giants just won. we are with fans there in san francisco. pretty excited stuff. >> reporter: very exciting. the place just erupted. like a quake here. it was shaking, people were going nuts. they made it a nail biter for us here at the tavern and we have lauren here live and she is a huge fan. how did you feel? >> i -- felt like i wanted to cry. very been going crazy and just waiting for this and we deserve it and the giants really
on the stage. i would like to ask you both what role your religion has played in your own personal views on abortion. talk about how you came to that decision and how your religion played a part in that. this is such and emotional issue for some many people. please talk personally if you could. congressman ryan. >> i don't see how a person can separate their public life from their private life for their faith. our faith informs us of everything we do. how to take care of the vulnerable, to make sure people have a chance in life. you ask why a pr mo-life -- i am pro-life. it is not simply because of my catholic faith. it is because of reason and science. i think of 10 1/2 years ago, my wife and i went to mercy hospital where i was born for our seven-week ultrasound for our firstborn child. we saw that heartbeat. our baby was in the shape of a bean. we have nicknamed our child "bean." i believe life begins at conception. i understand this is a difficult issue and i respect people that don't agree with me on this. but the policy of our administration will be to oppose abortion with the exce
of the policy they forget about their religion. >> even this campus only about 50 students showed up to watch the vice presidential debate. there were plenty of empty seats. >>> president obama watched the vice presidential debate on air force one as he was returning to washington from a campaign visit from florida. following the debate the president told reporters he thought joe biden was terrific and already called the vice president to congratulate him. mitt romney watched the debate at his hotel room in ashville, north carolina. the campaign spokesman said he called paul ryan immediately after the debate to congratulate him. on our website at we posted more video of last nights debate. look for the world and u.s. news tan right -- tab right on our front page. >>> time is 4:35. another debate is making headlines after southern california lawmakers nearly came to blows. video of the near altercation was posted on youtube. coming up at 4:45 what was dehind this heated exchange. >>> after a historic victory in cincinnati, the giants will play for a chance to go back to the world seri
faith in organized religion. the forum found about 20% of american adults say they have no particular ties to a given faith. that's up from about 15% five years ago. the figures show a generational shift among younger americans, one third under the age of 30 say they don't identity with a particular religion. >> jellyfish near fresno. a sight you don't see every day and people were surprised to find a group in a pond off the river. a professor said they are freshwater one that turn up in the river. they were last seen in 2007. they are just about the size of a penny, much smaller than the ocean relatives and the stings less toxir. >> still ahead, what the rover just found on mars. >>> and what researchers are saying between children's well being and where they live. . >>> high winds today derailed plans for a death defying 23- mile skydive agriculture tempt in new mexico. the former military parachuter is on a quest to become the first skydiver ever to break the sound barrier. he planned to make his jump from a c aps ule carried in to by a balloon but that balloon is so delicate it
both say that they are practicing and that they respect other religions as well as their own. but i think that a lot of the policies, they forget about their religion. >> biden's answer was well said. i think that is probably how most people, at least most people i know, they kind of view the idea of abortion. >> reporter: now, the political science professor said there was no major gaps or lines, but that they were well prepared. live in santa clara, california, i'm maureen naylor. >> many people join mitt romney as they watched the debate at his hotel in asheville, north carolina. romney was campaigning there earlier in the day and said he was certain that paul ryan would do great. president obama caught the first part of the debate on air force one. the president had been campaigning and fundraising in south florida. the president called his running mate earlier today wishing him good luck. >>> we have posted more videos. look for the news tab right on the front page. >> they will face off again next week in their own debate scheduled for next tuesday the 16th at 6:00 p.m. now, i
and it was nice to hear them say they are practicing and they respect other religions as well as their own. but i think that a lot of the policies they forget about their religion. >> but even on this campus only 50 students showed up to watch the vice presidential debate. there were plenty of empty seats there. president obama watched the vice presidential debate on air force one as he returned to washington from a campaign visit in florida. following the debate the president told reporters he thought joe biden was quote terrific and said he had already callrd the vice president to congratulate him. mitt romney watched the debate at his hotel in ashville, north carolina. a small group of people joined him to watch the debate and eat pizza. romney called paul ryan immediately after the debate also to congratulate him. at with have posted more video of last nights de bate. you can look for the world and u.s. news tab right there on the front page. >>> now to our fun news. after an a historic news in cincinnati the giants will play for a chance to go back to the world series. >> deep left
five years. experts say the trend has political implications because americans with no religion typically vote democrat. >>> physics as announced just a few hours ago, american david wine land won the nobel prize for developing tiny jaun tonight particles without -- quantity particles without destroying them. he received his degree from uc berkeley. >>> we have a decent drive, there is not a lot going on. let's take a look at what we have, westbound 24. there is a clearing for oakland lafayette and this morning's commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza. we don't see a crowd until just after 6:00 so you still have a little bit of time to jump ahead of the crowd. this is a look at cal transdata and it looks good across the bay and 880 traffic looks good in san jose. let's go to steve. >>> this low has been moving two to three and a half weeks. retrograded, finally getting kicked in but it is not kicked in over us so there are some showers hugging the coast. high is 60s and 70s but it does not look like it. anybody near the coast or maybe the wraparound could give us a few
and increasing taxes. they say supporting prop 30 is easy. >> because our religion stresses the importance of education. education is an obligation. >> people opposed to prop 30 says it doesn't guarantee new funding. f more on the giants i-- >>> more on the giants win in cincinnati. it keeps the team alive and ties the series. ktvu's joe fonzi is live in cincinnati with the key players and plays in the victory. joe? >> reporter: what a story this could be, the giants were all but given up for dead and now they are one win away after evening the series here against the cincinnati reds. the giants got something tonight they haven't got the entire series, incident offense. if you wanted to hear a crowd go quiet it happened when the fans barely got into their seat. pagan led off with a home run. barry zito, first inning, walking in a run but then blocko hit a homer -- blanco hit a homer and tim lincecum came on in relief. he got the win. tim lincecum normally a starter talked about his new role as a reliever. >> knowing your role and knowing you don't have to pace yourself. with that you go in
to make you vote for romney? >> saved lie my. obama, a mandate going on now taking away my religion, forcing me to commit sin by providing birth control and for catholic organizations are saying so. >> reaching almost 1 million views with the video. why are people watching? >> people love to hate. people love to judge. all the people who are democratic, they're so judgmental. >> aren't you being judgmental saying you're voting for mitt romney because he's better looking? >> i don't judge. i don't go around and attack people. >> do you think the popularity of this particular video will lead to something for you in the future? >> i'm an actress. hollywood is all, you know, a lot of jewish people. a lot of liberals. i don't see it helping me in that sense. honestly, the reason i put the video is honestly to get more information out there. trying to get people to, you know, help him in anyway they can. >>> dog goes in to get some wood, but it's how he gets out that wi make you go >> oh! i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf,
control. >> they are infringing upon our first freedom, the freedom of religion by infringing on catholic chirts and churchs and hospitals. >> reporter: the fact is religious employers are exempt but it does apply to, say, hospital that is serve the general public. on president obama's proposed tax increase? >> people making $1 million or more -- . >> reporter: the proposal rolls back bush tax cuts on people making over $100,000 and couples $250,000 a year, and we found people commenting on the body language. >> i didn't like biden's reaction. and he is constantly smirking and laughing and showing his big teeth. >> he is comfortable and knowledgeable. he seemed very relaxed. >> the body language is so minimal. contrived. they're in suits, come on. >> reporter: 50 million viewers watched the debate compared to 70 million who tuned in for the joe biden-sarah palin debate four years ago. john fowler, ktvu, channel 2news. >> early polling after the debate show that people were split over who they think came out on top. a cnn survey found that paul ryan was the winner, but the numbers were wel
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11